STFC is affiliated with both the Little Athletics Association of New South Wales (LAANSW) and Athletics New South Wales (ANSW).


For athletes aged up to U/17, when you join STFC you will be registered with LAANSW and be provided with:

1.   A registration number (eg 54), which must be sewn securely to the front of your centre uniform singlet.  The sponsor’s name and logo must be visible as well as the coloured border. 

2.   An age group number (eg U9), which must be sewn securely to the front left hand side of your centre uniform singlet.


Adult athletes and athletes in the U/12 – U/17 age groups will be registered with ANSW.  The reciprocal registration arrangements that now exist between ANSW and LAANSW means that athletes in the U/12 to U/17 age group will be automatically registered with both organisations.  ANSW registration numbers will be issued to athletes once they arrive, usually by the end of October.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are valid for 12 months and include insurance coverage under schemes held, arranged and administered by LAANSW and/or ANSW.

Fees are as follows:

Tiny Tots              2021/2022 Season $90

U/6 – U/17           2021/2022 Season $145

U/20 – Adult & Community Members        2021/2022 TBA depending on the level of competition the athlete wishes to compete at.

NOTE:               Please take the athletes Birth Certificate (New members only) when picking up rego numbers or 1st day of competition so as it can be sighted.


Little Athletics NSW (LAANSW)

Little A’s caters for athletes from Tiny Tots up to U/17. So if you are within this age bracket you can register at

*If you were born on or after 31 December 2019, you are too young for Little Athletics in NSW.

*If you were born before in or before 2005 you are too old for Little Athletics, and you will be required to register through Athletics NSW.

Click here to access the Little Athletics NSW age group table for the 2021-2022 season.

Dual Registration

To help promote the pathway into senior athletes, Little Athletics NSW and Athletics NSW provide what is called ‘dual registration’, for athletes in the U/12 to U/17 age groups. This means when you register through LAANSW you will automatically become a member of ANSW at no extra cost. Through dual registration, a member can participate in the relevant events and activities of both organisations, allowing them to experience the broader world of athletics, while still retaining their links with Little Athletics.

Athletics NSW Costs

All athletes born before October 2004 must register through Athletics NSW at

Open Member TBA

Concession Member TBA

Club Member $145

Community Member $TBA

STFC Uniform Singlets can be purchased from the canteen for $45, Crop Tops $45